Referrers’ Feedback

An additional service to refer clients to for extra support once our service is complete
Good multiagency working, extra one to one support for families.....flexible for individuals
Satisfaction at being able to help families during difficult times
Supporting young children empowering parents to access services to benefit their children

Families’ Feedback

It has been extremely supportive and volunteer has been one in a million
HS has meant a place where I have always felt supported. A place I look forward to going. Thank you to Jennie and rest of the Staff
HomeStart has been of a great help to me and my family am so happy I have them
A friendly face and some moral support
Excellent support and advice, knowledgeable staff
A Friend
I can get a few basic jobs done around the house when the volunteer is looking after my daughter. This stops me sinking entirely ‘under’

Group Families’ Feedback

A fabulous place to bring my daughter and meet with other mums and dads
Thank you for your days its great to meet other mums and get advice
A great place to bring my girls. A great help to me. Thank you

Volunteers’ Feedback

A necessary, valuable service that supports families in their own homes on their own terms and individual needs
A wonderful group of people who care and we all want to help families. The staff I love them as friends now
...a friendly hand when in need
Doing something worthwhile which is also enjoyable for me as a volunteer
A place where families can be helped and supported through a difficult time in their lives
High quality service providing support and encouragement to families in difficult stages in their life - crucially in their own homes
That vulnerable families can be listened to, supported and guided without being judged
To provide support for children and families in the community and help them to access essential services
A great place to volunteer for

Group Stay & Play Feedback

My children love the activities, especially craft time and messy play.....I love having cups of tea and chatting with other parents. (Mum of 3 preschool children)

Group Twins etc Feedback

This is my favourite group. It’s inclusive - there’s stuff for my older boy and younger twins....and I can have a cup of tea and sit down. (Mum of a preschool child and younger twins)